Strata Agency Agreements: Understanding the Basics

If you own or manage a strata property, you probably know how complex and time-consuming it can be to keep everything running smoothly. Strata agency agreements can help make the process easier by providing a framework for essential services and support. In this article, we will discuss what strata agency agreements are, what they contain, and why they are important for strata property owners and managers.

What is a Strata Agency Agreement?

A strata agency agreement is a contract between the owners corporation and a strata management company that outlines the responsibilities of each party. This agreement sets out the management fees paid to the strata management company and the services that are included in those fees. The strata management company has the responsibility of providing essential services and support to the owners corporation, including financial management, maintenance, and repairs.

What Does a Strata Agency Agreement Contain?

Strata agency agreements are usually quite comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics. Some of the essential elements you can expect to find in a strata agency agreement are:

1. Financial Management

The strata management company is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the owners corporation. This includes collecting levies, paying bills, and keeping accurate financial records.

2. Maintenance and Repairs

The strata management company is responsible for ensuring that the property is maintained to a high standard. This includes conducting regular inspections, arranging repairs and maintenance work, and coordinating with contractors.

3. Administrative Support

The strata management company provides administrative support to the owners corporation, including attending meetings, managing records, and providing advice and guidance on strata laws and regulations.

4. Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute between owners or with the strata management company, the agreement should outline the process for resolving the dispute. This will usually involve mediation, arbitration, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Why are Strata Agency Agreements Important?

Strata agency agreements are critical to the smooth functioning of a strata property. They provide a clear framework for managing the property and help to ensure that all essential services are provided efficiently and effectively. By outsourcing management responsibilities, owners corporations can focus on other aspects of property management, such as building community and enhancing amenities.

In conclusion, strata agency agreements are an essential part of managing a strata property. By setting out clear responsibilities for the owners corporation and the strata management company, these agreements help to ensure that the property is maintained to a high standard and that any disputes or issues are resolved efficiently. If you are a strata property owner or manager, it is essential to work with a reputable strata management company and create a comprehensive strata agency agreement to ensure the smooth functioning of your property.